Since its launch in 2012 ABN TV has strived to bring popular African programming to UK audiences. Over the past few years it has developed a strong viewer base, rating higher than its competitors and in 2014 was awarded the UK’s ‘Favourite Black Channel’ at the Screen Nation Awards.

ABN TV’s on-air identity no longer reflected its aspirations and they approached me to build a new brand for the channel which could align it with more contemporary and youthful channels. Taking inspiration from modern African graphic design, and the rich history of visual culture and style, a new brand was created to reflect ABN TV’s remit for ‘rich culture and great entertainment’ and to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all things African. This wasn’t to be a nostlagic look at Africa but a celebration of its vibrant contemporary life and future.

We worked together to decide on a full set of brand assets to be used through out the channels developing schedule and create awareness of the stations identity. Providing templates for all promo and idents as well as a library of animated assets allowed the in-house team to continue to build and develop their new on-air identity. A detailed style guide was produced to outline this new brand as well as to provide consulting notes on the use of all continuity assets and how these could be used to populate the channels schedule and break junctions. The final result is a simple, bold and energetic new brand, rich in assets which aimed to create an awareness of the brand identity among its growing viewer base.

Creative Director: Richard Dufty
Design: Richard Dufty, Gabrielle Smith, Steve Shaw
Music and Sound Design: James O’Connell
(Music for the reel edit: Da Feelin’ by Nightmares on Wax)